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The most commonly undertaken jobs include the fabrication/repair, supply/installation, and hot dip galvanize of the following :-

Primary Structural and Architectural Works 

  • Pre-Engineered Buildings, Warehouses, Hangars, and Towers

  • Sheds, Canopys, Pergolas, Gazebos, and Domes

  • Platforms, Mezzanine Floors, Weight Bridges, Walkways, Staircases, Spiral Staircases

  • Height Warning Gantry Structures, Road Signboard Supports and Primary Beams

  • Tanks, Silos, Containers, Pressure Vessels, Hooper’s, Dosing Pots and Dish Heads

  • Trusses, Joists, Rafters, Decking and other support structures for ceilings and atriums

  • Molds and other Formworks for Concrete (casting and pre-casting)

  • Skids and Transportation Frames

Domestic Structural and Architectural Works

  • Signboards, Ladders, Gates, Fences, Screens, Grills, Skylights and Facias

  • Bollards, Safety Barriers, and Column Shutters (Jacket Protection)

  • Wall Railings, Handrails, Balustrades, Running Rails, and Foot Rails

  • All types of Cladding Protection, Skirting, Sandwich Panel Sheeting and Roofing

  • Gutters, Gratings, Trench Covers, Manholes, Decking Plates, and Animal Crossing Grids

  • Doors, Frames, Jambs, and Partitions

  • Gabions and Trellis

  • Camera Poles, Flag posts, Card Readers, and Base Frames

Industrial Equipment

We also do other miscellaneous works through Machining, Etching, Rolling, Shearing, Bending, Rolling, Waterjet Cutting, Casting, Threading, Taping and other Lathe-based jobs.

  • Lightweight Cranes, Conveyor and Assembly Line Frames, Crane Monorails and Girders

  • Skid Loader Buckets, Forklift Forks, Trailers and Truck Bodies,

  • Davits and Anchor Cleats

  • Trolleys, Pallets, Pallet Converters, Cages, Stillages, and Wheelbarrows

  • Chutes, Skips, and Bins

  • Console and Display Panels, Switch Plates, and Tool Boxes

  • Filters, Trays, Basins, Cabinets, Shelves, Stands, Cupboards, and other Kitchen Works

  • Gondolas and Racks

  • Pipelines, Manifolds, Ducts, Pipe Spools, Louvers, Chimneys, Nozzles and Diffusers

  • Pipe Saddles, Clamps, Cable Rollers, Winches, and Drums

  • Dowel Bars, Jack Rods, Specialized Bolts, Raking Brackets and Mountings

  • Custom Nipples, Flanges, Rings, Spades, Spacers, Blinds, Couplings, and Orifice Plates

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