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HSE Policy

“R.M.I believe all injuries, occupational illness, non-precautions practices and environmental hazardous incidents can prevented any possible cost”.

To ensure that we follow this belief, we have founded, executed and maintained the following program:-


RMI strongly supports and promotes the fact that “A Person’s Safety and Health Comes Before Any Job in Hand”
To ensure we follow this belief we do the following: -

  • Provide sufficient safeguard equipment to ensure risks to health and safety becomes negligible during duty

  • Ensure that all working machinery is safe to use, by conducting regular maintenance on them.

  • Supervise the working environment to see if the use of toxic substances is being handled carefully.

  • Provide employees with periodic and pre-employment medical checkups, making sure that they are in a capable to work

  • Communicate with employees regarding issues that is affecting their health

  • Provide detailed safety instructions and training to all employees and implementing strict disciplinary actions against employees who disregard them.

Health & Safety – “Better Safe than Sorry”


“Less Pollution is the Best Solution” when it comes to protecting our environment for sustainable development;

 Henceforth we practice the following:-

  •  Conserve natural resources by making sure to utilize them efficiently

  •  Send waste materials to recycle campaigns, rather than accumulating it into landfills  

  • Take suitable measures to prevent toxic emissions

  • Comply with international law and regulations that partake in the environment’s sustainability

  • Conduct environmental awareness programs amongst the employees in which instructions are defined, violation incidents are reviewed and feedback opinions are discussed.

Environment – “Reduce, Recycle, Re-use”

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